Turkestan - Central Asia.

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Turkestan, Middle Asia, Central Asia - that's not whole list of names of this dynamic region.

Everything flows, everything changes Change climate, relief. Time is passed, people and their relations change. The new states are formed. The names of streets, districts, cities and provinces change. The different events occur. We attempt to give them objective or subjective evaluation. And there is much that does not depend on our perception and which will be objective always. This is the World around us, its property, and first of all, the location of all its components and their especial features. From the point of view of geographer, this region is unique - climate, relief, biological variety. Tien Shan, Pamirs, Gissar-Alay always drew naturalists and travellers. The Internet sources have much data, information and subject directions about the region.


On the site you will find toponymic and encyclopaedic information, diagrams, digital maps, three-dimensional data, which, possibly, are not yet represented in other sources of the network. Materials were selected from the open sources and were prepared within previous ten years. Wishes, observations, ideas, given materials, which are concerned the thematic of the project - geography of region, geographical information systems GIS, will be accepted, studied and considered. Your claims and orders will become the real support of project and they will enlarge the geographical thematic of site.



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